What is the best material to use for coffee cups?

A Bamboo re-usable coffee cup is made partly from natural Bamboo. It is a grass  that can grow rapidly.  When harvested, it re-shoots from its extensive root system and does not require replanting, it therefore represents an excellent raw material to manufacture cups from.  A good article to read can be found here : http://www.lboro.ac.uk/services/sustainability/waste/cups/ecoffee/

All our re-usable cups can be re-cycled after their useful life, thus reducing the amount of single use plastic in the world. Whilst re-cycling plastic is a good thing the argument for and against its use is unclear. It often depends on the ability of local authorities and governments to re-cycle each material so check with your local authority before purchase. A good article to read can be found here : Re-use to re-cycle?

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