Eco friendly Takeaway Coffee Cups

We believe our takeaway coffee cups are the best in the market in terms of environmental credentials. Our double walled coffee cups are made with recycling in mind. Our cups use EarthCoating®, an innovative barrier coating that replaces over 50% of the plastic with minerals. This mineralized resin blend is engineered to be fully compatible with conventional paper recycling systems.

Environmental Impact of Takeaway Coffee Cups

With over 2.5bn cups thrown away each year, many of which due to the materials used cannot be manufactured our takeaway coffee cups are a great step forwards. Indeed some say that of these cups they can take up to 30 years to breakdown. The Guardian.

How many Takeaway Coffee Cups are Recycled?

Just 1 in 400 are present re-cycled according. Unfortunately “Here’s the most frustrating part. Even the cups that people were carefully placing into recycling bins weren’t usually being recycled – sometimes even when they carried a recycling triangle symbol.” Friends of The Earth.

Our Cups

Custom designed eco-friendly, Double Walled Printed Paper Cups printed on the highest quality boxboard. Our Double Wall Cups have two separate layers of cardboard separated by an isolating air gap.

These cups are available with high quality CMYK, full colour wrap all-over printing. The cup can be customised with your logo or custom design.

Your Double Wall Cups are printed with specialised, odourless and food safe inks using very high-end paper for our personalised Double Wall Cups.

We are able to help you with your design and supply to you a 3D cup design prior to placing your order.

Cups are available in 8oz, 12oz, 16oz and 20oz. Our prices include Free (UK) Delivery* and Technical Fees. 

Takeaway Coffee Cup