Who offers discounts for Re-usable Coffee Cups?

If you use a re-usable coffee cup the following chains will give you a discount from the cost of your cup of Coffee as an alternative to using a Takeaway Coffee Cup.

Pret a Manger Coffee Cup Discount 50p

These guys are leading the way increasing the discount they offer for using re-usable coffee cups from 25p to 50p. Well done Pret!

Costa Coffee Coffee Cup Discount 25p

Costa are aiming to recycle up to 500 million takeaway coffee cups a year by the year 2020, which is the equivalent of Costa’s entire yearly sales and a fifth of the 2.5 billion takeaway coffee cups consumed as a nation each year. They will discount your drink by 25p each time you use your re-useable Coffee Cup.

Starbucks Coffee Cup Discount 25p

Starbuck will also offer you a 25p discount every time you use your re-useable Coffee Cup and have some good strategies to reduce waste over the next few years.

Leon Restaurants Coffee Cup Discount 35p

Leon aim to serve most of there coffee in china however for the take-away coffee cup customers they also offer a discount of 35p. A great step forwards in reducing the amount of waste from Take-away coffee cups.

Greggs Coffee Cup Discount 20p

At the bottom of the list is Greggs offering just a 20p discount. However even a 20p discount is better than no discount!

Smaller Players are beating the Big Guys!

A number of smaller companies are offering discounts when you use a re-usable coffee cup also Leedsbeckett.ac.uk are offering a discount of 20p from every cup sold along with a free drink for the first time you use a new re-useable coffee cup. Other universities are also offering a discount such as The University of Edinburgh and UCL whom are offering a 5% discount.

Where can I buy a custom printed re-usable Coffee Cup?

Here of course! We supply custom printed re-usable coffee cups which can be customised with a choice of coloured lids, sleeves and handles. All have great environmental credentials, particularly our Bamboo cups which have several advantages.

Printed Bamboo Coffee Cup
Printed Bamboo Coffee Cup