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Coffee Cup Press Release Feb 2019 | The Star of the County Down | Ards and North Devon Council

Ards and North Down council team who are behind the Big Conversation, chose to implement reusable bamboo coffee cups in a move towards a more eco-friendly approach to drinking coffee, they implemented the reusable printed coffee cups presenting them to their partners as a gift but with the update that they would no longer be providing any single use plastic cups for tea and coffee. Partners were asked to bring along the branded Big plan cups to each meeting to ensure as an overall project they were doing their small part to help reduce single use plastic waste and it’s impact on the worlds oceans and the wider environment.

Many councils across the UK have been looking to increase the awareness of ongoing environmental projects in an effort to politely nudge and improve ongoing efforts to reduce carbon footprint, particularly in coastal regions where the effects of plastic waste can be seen up closely. Re-usable Bamboo Coffee Cups are a perfect solution to this problem.

Re-usable Printed Bamboo Cup Arts and North Devon Council

Planning Officer Lisa Wilsdon arranged the order and design of the re-usable coffee cups. Lisa said : “I just wanted to let you know that the cups have arrived and they are brilliant! We are really happy with them. Thank you for your help.”

The Community Plan ‘The Big Plan for Ards and North Down’ is named as such because it is ambitious and takes a holistic approach at what they are looking to achieve in the future. It is a clear long-term vision stating the outcomes we want to achieve within the geographical area of Ards and North Down.

The focus of the plan is broken up into 3 areas, the social well-being, the economic well-being and finally the environmental well-being. The 3 pillars are something aligns with closely. By offering the reusable cups at affordable prices they help make them available to all regions and organsiations. The use of reusable cups then creates more pleasant environments for people to work, live and play in where they can subtly be more conscious of their waste and reduce unwanted litter on the floor. Finally the environmental pillar speaks for itself and clients of must have a strong sense of corporate social responsibility otherwise they wouldn’t engage and allow them to carry out their sustainable cup supply. Notable residents from the area include former footballer Keith Gillespie, Eddie Izzard, the Snow Patrol band and Eddie Irvine from Formula one racing, they would no doubt be delighted to see how great the local community and council are being towards the conservation of their beautiful home region.

The coffee cups are supplied by whom provide a large range of different coffee cups. Each cup can be printed in various positions with your custom logo or design. Mr Peter Reynolds, MD said “I started the business 8 years ago after becoming so disheartened with the amount of waste produced by single use cups. The first few years were slow, people didn’t really get the concept of re-usable coffee cups or were put off by the price being more than single use alternatives. Now, with the increased focus in the media, both in the UK and globally, on reducing disposable single-use cups and having a greater conscience regarding our carbon footprint and protecting the oceans things are looking much more positive. We are confident that this year is going to be our busiest year yet and we will save tons of waste from becoming landfill.” estimates that more than 100 billion single-use cups go into landfill across the world each year, the Great Pacific garbage patch sized wasteland is currently twice the size of Texas and growing.

If you think you’d like some reusable branded coffee cups for your company or organization please get in touch via phone or email and will be happy to help.



Media enquiries about or more information on this story please contact Peter Reynolds at  or call 00447925090531.

BrandedCoffeeCups was established in 2013 by its founder Peter Reynolds after he fell in love with the reusable cup system abroad, then studied it carefully before bringing the concept to the UK and Ireland. The philosophy is to supply organizations with reusable coffee cups to enhance their brands whilst improving their green credentials, users drinking experience and their partners’ Corporate Social Responsibility. Since the beginning of their journey Happy Cups have supplied almost 600,000 reusable cups saving well over 3 million single use cups from landfill sites. more info

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Re-usable Printed Coffee Cups

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