Milk Dispensers for your Coffee Shop

Milk dispensers are a cost effective, efficient and environmentally friendly way to manage the milk in your coffee chop, restaurant or office. A chilled milk dispenser unit is replenished with a 24 pint bag-in-box re-fill, otherwise known as a milk pergal. This means less bottles to manage, less waste and less food miles. Most of all, they drastically reduce the amount of packaging and generally work out cheaper than a glass bottle or poly bottle milk delivery to your coffee shop or office. 

Chilled Milk Dispensers – The best solution for your milk supply

Hire You may prefer to hire or buy your chilled milk pergal. Prices typically start from around £450 to £700 for premium models. If your chilled milk dispenser will be on display, for a small premium these may be personalised with you coffee shops branding or company logo. Chilled milk dispensers are available in white, stainless steel or stainless and black as shown in the right hand picture below. 

The milk dispensers are easy to use and change the re-fills. They require minimal maintenance and cleaning and come with removable drip trays. 

Keeping milk miles low! supply chilled milk dispensers to coffee shops, restaurants, hotels, offices and businesses throughout the UK. Drinkmilk have the UK’s larger network of local dairies, meaning your milk delivery will only travel a short distance. 

Milk Dispensers for Coffee Shops

More than one coffee shop?

Reduce your admin burden and order your milk delivery from Drinkmilk specialise in delivering to milk to offices, coffee shops, hotels and businesses across the UK providing a no-obligation quotation to deliver milk to all of your locations with just one monthly invoice. Milk deliveries may be managed centrally or you may nominate a contact at each of your locations to manage requirements. 

If you are interested in a chilled milk dispenser for your coffee shop simply contact at for a no-obligation quotation.

Quote BCCMILK for 50% off your first weeks milk delivery.