Office Milk Delivery

Fresh milk delivered straight to your office on a daily or weekly basis to make sure everyone that takes milk in there coffee has an ample supply.

What is more, if you place an order for over £100 worth of re-useable coffee cups and start and office milk delivery, drinkmilk will give you one weeks worth of milk deliveries ( up to £25 in value ) free of charge.

Eco-friendly milk solutions for the Office

Re-useable coffee cups are all about looking after the environment, so we asked drinkmilk what they recommended for the most eco-friendly method of delivering milk to offices.

For the smaller office they recommended traditional glass milk bottles. Each bottle is picked up from your business when happy and re-used many times. They are however heavier than poly bottles, so the transportation costs in terms of carbon footprint is higher

Office Milk Delivery By
Drinkmilk is the UK’s leading milk delivery network

For larger offices the best solution is a milk dispenser or cooler. This milk in a box solution means that food miles are drastically cut as fewer deliveries are required. The milk dispensers are easy to change, hygienic and only require a small amount out routine cleaning.

So, the conclusion is for the lager office opt for a milk dispenser.

National Deliveries

Drinkmilk deliver milk to offices and businesses across England, Scotland and Wales. As a network they deliver milk straight from your local dairy, supporting your local community whilst keeping food miles down.


To claim your offer simply quote “CoffeeCups002” when placing your order with drinkmilk. Free weeks milk will be delivered on your 4th weeks delivery. Also worth a look is for all your office groceries for office fruit and office panty items.