Kiwi Bamboo Cups | Plain


Solid black brilliant Kiwi bamboo cups are our most popular and affordable bamboo cups option. As well as being Eco-friendly and fully reusable, with silicone sleeves and lids they seal nicely to reduce spillages and are comfortable to hold. The simple design allows for great brand awareness with contrast of a black background and printed logo on the silicone sleeve out in public or around the workplace.

Minimum Qty Order: 36
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108 - 143£3.70
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216 - 251£3.64
252 - 499£3.64
500 - 999£3.20
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Kiwi Bamboo Cups

Our Kiwi cups (named courtesy of the All Black rugby team) are stylish and simple but most of all eco friendly winners and the best value bespoke printed bamboo cups available. The silicone grip makes them comfortable to hold and ensures the single wall cup can be held easily and offers great branding potential. They are flexible and easy to clean cups, volume capacity is 350 ml (12 oz). Pop on lid makes them easy to use and wash in-between uses.

Material – Silicone and bamboo.

Colours – Black.

Dimensions – height 13.00cm, diameter 8.50cm and weight 157 grams.

Packaging and Transport – cartons of 36 units per box weighing 7kgs.

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Using and Cleaning  :
  • Before first use and after each use, remove lid and wash with warm soapy water. Rinse and thoroughly dry.
  • Do not use bleach or chlorine cleansers
Warning  :
  • Do not overfill mug as hot liquids can scald
  • Be careful when securing the lid as liquid or steam may escape & scald user.
  • Always make sure that the lid is securely attached before drinking
  • Not recommended for children under 3 years
  • Keep out of children’s reach when product contains hot liquids
  • This mug should not be used to serve hot beverages to children
  • Ensure that the cup is checked for damage before each use. Discard if damage found.
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