New Release. : ROBUS gets even greener with re-usable coffee cups

Robus,an Irish owned company, have a global presence and a reputation worldwide for first class customer service and products, this year they decided to move towards a more sustainable approach with their head office coffee drinking. They implemented the reusable Americano coffee cups for their events to help drive the fight on plastic waste by using who supply reusable, printed coffee cups which are available in several different designs.

Dylan Bryne arranged the the printed of the re-usable coffee cups and put together several designs to meet the needs of the business. Following the initial delivery of the cups, he said

“I was off sick yesterday and came into these this morning and you have cheered me right up!”

They look amazing and management are very happy with them too. I must commend you for your accountability and help throughout the process you have been brilliant. Personally, and collectively we will be sure to working with you again in the future.”

The award-winning organization is one of several across the Irish channel in the Emerald Isle to implement reusable coffee cups. A recent upsurge in green thinking to match the countries’ green image and colour has also lead to the announcement that Croke Park will be banning single use plastic.

Robus Save Energy with re-usable Coffee Cups

Robus are an innovative group who save energy with their investment and research into energy saving lighting. They proudly sponsor Irish sports stars including the late William Dunlop’s Yamaha Superbike as well as professional golfer Neil O’Briain, winner of the PGA Irish Club Professional Championship.

Robus are use the re-useable coffee cups around the workplace where the screw top spill proof lids have no doubt saved a few headaches and money from coffee drowned laptops. Staff are able to take their drinks on the move and into client meetings, highlighting the Robus brand and it’s great reputation with catchy slogans included in the design.

Re-useable Coffee Cups

The re-useable coffee cups, which are fully printed are supplied by, Peter Reynolds, MD said “I began the business a few years ago after becoming so disheartened with the amount of waste produced by single use cups. The first few years were very slow indeed, people didn’t really get the idea or were put off by the price being more than single use alternatives. Now, with the increased focus in the media, both in the UK and globally, on reducing disposable single-use cups and having a greater conscience regarding our carbon footprint and protecting the oceans things are looking much better. We are confident that  this year will be our busiest year by far and it we will save hundreds of tons of waste from becoming landfill.” We now have a great ranged including Bamboo re-usable coffee cups and Americano re-useable coffee cups, all of which can be printed with a company logo or be-spoke design.


Church reduces carbon footprint with Bamboo Coffee Cups

Deciding to improve their sustainability with implementing reusable bamboo coffee cups for their coffee mornings and other voluntary and fundraising events The Diocese of Peterborough are driving their fight on plastic waste by using Happycups, a eco-friendly reusable, branded coffee cup.

Selling 70% of the Coffee Cups in the first weekend

Liz Holdsworth was heavily involved before her recent retirement and with sales much higher than expected, selling over 70% on their first weekend meaningshe had to return with a replenishment order just a couple of weeks after their initial delivery due to the popularity of their printed coffee cups. Following the initial launch she said

Coffee Cups Flying Off The Shelves

Delighted with our bamboo cups, which have been flying off the shelves! As a church organisation, it has been a great way for us to demonstrate our environmental concerns and our support for the honouring of creation and its sustainability!”

The re-usable bamboo coffee cups are provided by, Peter Reynolds, MD said “I started the business some years ago after becoming fed up with the waste produced by single use coffee cups. The first few years were slow, people didn’t really get the concept or were put off by the price being more than single use alternatives. Now, with the increased focus in the media around the world, on reducing disposable single-use cups and having a greater conscience regarding our carbon footprint and protecting the oceans things are looking much more positive. We are confident that 2019 will be our busiest year yet and we will save tons of waste from becoming landfill.

If you think you’d like some reusable branded bamboo coffee cups for your church, temple, charity or fundraising event please get in touch via phone or email and BrandedCoffeeCups will be happy to help.


Media enquiries about Happycups or more information on this story please contact Peter Reynolds at or call +447925090531.


Diocese Coffee Cups

Printed Bamboo Coffee Cups

Why Bamboo Coffee Cups?

They are a great environmentally friendly alternative to plastic reusable coffee cups.  Natural bamboo fibre is a great material and one of the world’s most sustainable resources. Cups are manufactured in a variety of different sizes infusing 16oz and 20oz Cups. The Bamboo Coffee Cups are light, sturdy and fully dishwasher safe. It also has a resealable ‘no-drip’ lid. These cups are not suitable for microwaves.

Bamboo, as the name suggests is a key component in our Bamboo re-usable coffee cups. Bamboo is naturally sterile and actually neutralises bacteria left on the surface after 24 hours, which is perfect for use in food & drink products.They are a great alternative to disposable coffee cups. These cups are good for both hot and cold drinks. Use it for tea, coffee, water or juice. They are heavier than a traditional paper cup but much lighter than a ceramic mug,

Bamboo is very sustainable – it can grow a metre a day, meaning that growers have a fast renewing source of materials. Minimal heat is used during the production process. Our cups are dishwasher safe but cannot be microwaved.

Bamboo Coffee Cup
Bamboo Coffee Cup


Who Buys Re-usable Coffee Cups?

Often supplied to Universities, Coffee Shops and many Companies whom give them to staff or customers as corporate gifts. Bamboo Coffee Cups are a great alternative to traditional re-usable coffee cups.

Cups are available in lots of varieties of coloured lids, cups and silicone lids and can be custom printed to the Sleeve or in multiple positions on the cup.

Where can I buy see some?

Many people have viewed these coffee cups and come up with some amazing designs, all can be printed in many different ways, have look and let you imagination run wild.


Festival Cups are a leading supplier of printed re-usable cups for Festivals, Events and Stadiums. Est in 2013 they have a wealth of experience and can help you plan your event. has supplied many Festivals, Stadiums and Events across the UK, Europe and now supply the United States.

Each cup can be printed with full wrap-around print in one colour, two colour or full colour. The cups reduce waste and clean up costs considerable as many of the cups are retained by the clients and the amount of disposable plastic cups are reduced.

Branded Cups supplies Festivals with Pint Cups, Half Pint Cups and Tumblers.

Contact for more information. supply re-useable printed festival cups to small and major festivals, stadiums and events across the UK and EU. The re-useable printed glasses they supply are dishwasher safe and shatter resistant making them an ideal replacement to traditional printed glasses for busy festivals. are part of | For all your Festival Printed Merchandise

Since 2013 have been supplying the Festival and Event industry with Printed Products. We are based in the UK and Ireland and are able to deliver worldwide. All our prices include Delivery* and all Technical fees.

We work with some of the best suppliers of Printed Cups, Banners, Marquees, Tickets and Wrist Bands in the industry.

Printed Pint Glasses

Printed pint and half pint glasses are now available. They are not on our website yet but if you would like a competitive quote please get in touch.

Printed Glass Pint Glass
Printed Glass Pint Glass

Another happy re-usable coffee cup customer……

Some great pictures from Paul @ Tanic Ltd of our re-usable Coffee Cups. Thanks Paul

“We are delighted with the cups thank you. ”

Paul @ Tanic Ltd

Printed Coffee Cup
Printed Coffee Cup
Eco-Friendly Coffee Cup
Eco-Friendly Coffee Cup
Re-usable Printed Coffee Cup
Re-usable Printed Coffee Cup
Re-usable Americano Cups for Tanic
Re-usable Americano Cups for Tanic

A Re-usable Cup Review from

Everyone at Incite loved the reusable bamboo cups that we ordered as part of our environmental wellbeing week. They are leak free, hassle free and help us reduce our impact on the environment whilst saving us a few pennies when we purchase coffees from selected stores. All in all a huge success! Camila @


What does BPA free mean?

BPA stands for bisphenol A. BPA free means the product does not contain BPA. BPA is an organic synthetic compound with the chemical formula (CH₃)₂C(C₆H₄OH)₂ belonging to the group of diphenylmethane derivatives and bisphenols, with two hydroxyphenyl groups.
A good article to read regarding BPA is here :